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The Effects and Reasons of Overconsumption

We live in a the heightened world of consumer economics where the consumer is the center of attention for corporations and media. If you search the origin of the word “consumer” you will be stunned to find out that it means “squanderer”. And this is what we are now, mere prodigals, squanderers. We have changed the world into an unbearable “hollow place” where we roam like shadows of men. And that is why we do not realize it. We are but “reminiscence of men”, only memories of men who do not reflect and rethink to make the world a better place. Men should live to serve others, not to consume and exhaust the planet with all its abundant resources. And so, now we are to pay for our mischiefs. The repercussions are great, and they will haunt us for the years to come. Let’s start with the term consumer economy, and how we have affected ourselves and the world due to the doings of the corporations and media (that is to say that we are partially responsible for  what is happening). Obesity  “…