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Long Live the Language

Source: In February 2010, on the Andaman’s Islands of India, Boa died at the age of 85 … and with her died an ancient language the Bo language. The extinction of Indigenous languages like Bo language are exponentially increasing in an age that relies heavily on globalization. There are currently 6,000 to 7, 000 spoken language around the world, and it is reported that more than half are in danger of extinction.  Some languages disappear in an instant with the dying of the lone speaker, like Boa or die gradually in a bilingual society where the prevalent language overtakes and thrives over the other. The BBC reports that “every year the world loses around 25 mother tongues. That equates to losing 250 languages over a decade”. One reason for the rapid dying of languages is globalization, English being the world language, Mandarin the most populous, and Spanish the most growing language. However, due to…